Introducing the 2019 BARGE Chips

2019 Don "BINGO" Rieck Sample Chip Sets

On behalf of our 2018 champion, Don “BINGO” Rieck, I’m pleased to announce the 2019 BARGE Chip Set. This year’s theme is ADB BINGO featuring a cocktail for each letter. There is also an Easter egg on the sides. I invite you to order your sample chipsets and accept a challenge: drink the chipset at BARGE! Ribbons will be waiting! Enjoy your Aviator, Dry Martini, Bloody Mary, Boil Maker, Irish Coffee, Negroni, Gin & Tonic, and Old Fashioned.

And please read Don’s full introduction on the BARGE email list. It is what BARGE is all about.

White Chip Black Chip Pink Chip Yellow Chip Red Chip Orange Chip Green Chip Blue Chip Sides

Ordering is over for 2019. See you in 2020!